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Myanmar Visa Online

Ko Tar Travel aims to facilitate visitors coming to Myanmar to get Visa in 35 days through online. What does it mean for you? We at Ko Tar Travel will help you check if you are eligible for Visa in 35 days or in same day in Bangkok.

1. Getting a visa in 35 days Please, check the complete information on visa on arrival. Visa on arrival works for tourists. You have to fulfil this Tourist Visa Application form Procedure for Visa in 35 days:
1.You send Tourist Visa Application form fulfilled by you to us via email
2. Applicants have to send scanned or photographed copy of their passportto us. Imabe size should be limited to 100 dpi or 1 mega pixel. High resolution image will be slow or impossible to download as the speed is not very good.
3.You must pay the fee to our accounts 4. After receiving complete information, we will process your visa. This process may take 25-30 working days
5. Once your visa is approved, we will send approval letter to you by email. We will also send a letter to your air line for your easy boarding. (Note: if you have any flight change, let us know well in advance)
6. After arriving in Myanmar, please, proceed to immigration Visa on Arrival counter (your visa form will be already in the hand of immigration officer)
7. You will receive Visa sticker on your passport after being checked in by the immigration officer.
8. You will meet our staff and make payment if necessary.
9. Visa fee is at the moment US$30 + USD45 together US$75, if visa is coming to our tours. Other wise we must put our processing fees and documentation fees is US$60.
10. A new requirement for entry into Myanmar is that the Imigration office now requires accurate information on flightarrival and departure times. In practice, the copy of the flight ticket. Our staff will offer to help you find a taxi, hotel or air ticket and / or best travel deals around. Yangon International Airport Arrival Layout

2. Getting a visa at Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok

– URGENT PROCESSING: 9 working hours (plus 20 USD) – Morning: If you fill out the application form before 08:30 am in Bangkok (GMT +7), we will give you, your passport to you at 5:30 p.m on the same day. But not on week-ends and Myanmar’s and Thailand’s holidays Our fee is in Bangkok US$59/passport, if visa is coming to our tours. Other wise we must put our processing fees and documentation fees is US$60.

The Required Terms and Conditions for VISA ON ARRIVAL For a tourist visa, you will need to submit:

1) Entry permit Tourist Visa Application form
2) Two photos (usually 4cm x 6cm) with white background, like for passport
3) Your valid passport not expiring for least 6 months from the date of entry in Myanmar You must also fulfil On Arrival Visa Form For Entry.