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Mt. Popa Mt. Popa is 50km from Bagan.A bout 45 minute drive from Nyaung Oo Airport, Bagan. Mt. Popa is an extinct volcano that is estimated to have erupted for the final time, over three hundred and twenty thousand years ago.

Mount Popa (Taungkalat) Mt. Popa is popularly recognized as an abode of many spirits ( Nats) who dwell in various parts of the mountain.Monkeys expecting treats along the way to top. Visit Mt. Popa as a day-return trip from Bagan

Zee O Village Over 1000 year old Tamarind Tree About 30 minutes from Bagan. Tamarind trees of several thousands year of age are one of the overwhelming attractions of this village. The remains of pre-historical blacksmith workshop sites, wood fossils which spread around the area . Production of palm sugar and the traditional way of rural life in Zee O village.

Spirits (Nat) Festival

Mount Popa in Myanmar is a popular destination for visitors to the country. The beauty of the scenery has few equals. Moreover, there are also other attractions around this volcano. The volcano can be found in central Burma. It is about 30 miles or 50 km to the southeast of Bagon. This is at the Pegu Range. You can easily get there by taxi. The best known feature of the area is the Popa Taungkalat monastery. The shrine is home to the Mahagiri Nats. There are 37 of these. You will see these figures at the foundation of the shrine.

During ancient times, kings would consult them when making important decisions. 777 steps have to be climbed to reach the peak. Expect to see some monkeys in the area as well. Those that go to Taung Kalat will get to savor a lovely vista of the area. From the top you can see Bagan city.

The Taung Ma-gyi peak is visible on the north. The area around the volcano has some 200 streams and hot springs. The entire area is filled with stunted trees and prickly bushes.

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