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Interesting Places in Bago

Bago is located 80 km from Yangon. It has a population of 220,000

  • Shwethalyaung Reclining Buddha Image
  • Shwemawdaw Pagoda
  • Kyaikpun Pagoda
  • Kalyarni Sima
  • Myatharlyaung Buddha Image
  • Mahazedi Pagoda
  • Shwegugale Pagoda
  • Hinthargone Pagoda

Palace at Bago. Kanbawzathadi Palace was built by King Bayinnaung (1551-1581 A.D.). The original palace consisted of 76 apartments and halls according to the old drawing record. It was burned down in 1599.

In 1993 and revealed the brick foundations and plinths of the old palace. 1800 lime-stone Buddha images were also found. Many teak pillars some with inscriptions Great Audience Hall (the Lion Throne Room) and Bee Throne Hall were reconstructed according to their plan.

  • Kanbawzathadi Palace

Current day Bago, one hours drive north of Yangon, once named Pegu had its first heyday in the 1400?s. It was a port city on the Sittang River leading out to the Andaman Sea. This Mon kingdom had a long golden age profiting from foreign commerce with traders from across the Indian Ocean ? Bengalis and Tamils, Greeks, Venetians and Jews, Arabs and Armenians. The city also became a famous center for Theravada Buddhism.

Location Bago Division is situated in the south of the big central plains. Magway and Mandalay Divisions lie to its north, Kayin State, Mon State and the Gulf of Mottama are to the east, Yangon Division to the south, and Ayeyawaddy Division and Rakhine State are to the west. It covers an area of 15,214 square miles.

Population The total population of Bago Division is 5,014, 000, and the average population density is over 300 per square mile. Inhabitants Kayin, Bamar, Mon, Chin, Rakhine and Shan reside in Bago Division.

There are also some Pa-Os. Religion Buddhists account for the majority of the people, though there are also followers of Christianity, Hinduism and Islam. Dialects Myanmar language is the main lingua franca.

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