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From Mandalay 11 km. Silk and cotton weaving, and bronze casting. Very popular tourist day-trip from Mandalay.

Interesting Places in Amarapura U Bein Bridge U Bein Bridge is about 1.2km in length of wooden bridge. The longest teak bridge in the world and is about two centuries old. Kyauktawgyi Pagoda Mahar Gandaryone Monastery Mahar Ganadayon religious institute is one of the largest teaching monasteries in Myanmar. The monastery has more than 3,000 monks in different ages including some very young novices. Founded around 1914 and came to be known as a centre for monastic study and strict religious discipline. The place is always crowded at main daily meal time with tourists and local visitors. Pahtodawgyi Pagoda Mahar Wai Yan Bon Thar Monastery Shwe Gu Gyi Pagoda Amarapura Palace Ruins Taungthaman Lake Silk Weaving Workshop

1. U.Bein (or U-Pein) Bridge The Atumashi Kyaung means Incomparable Monastery, and it was built about same time as the Kuthodaw pagoda. This monastery is famous for its many ecclesiastical conventions. Visit the former royal capital of Amrapura highlighted by U Bein?s Bridge, the world?s longest teakwood bridge The footbridge is still busily used by locals for crossing Taungthaman lake

2. Kyauk Taw Gyi (Amarapura) In 1847 King Bagan erected this pagoda, which is a reproduction of the Ananda Temple in Bagan. The Buddha’s image in this pagoda is carved from a single block of marble. Excrusion to Amarapura – an ancient capital of Myanmar, where we can observe the life of over1000 monks at Mahagandaryon Monastery & silk weaving factory. Amongst this debris of Amarapura, one could still find a treasury building and old Watch Tower. The tombs of King Bodawpaya and Bagyidaw are there, though the cremated ashes of these Kings are put into velvet bags and thrown into the river Ayeyarwady near Amarapura At the corner of the old city of Amarapura, old stupas remained to be seen. Around the environs of Amarapura, the last Myanmar Royal City of Mandalay, there lies other and older royal cities like Amarapura, Innwa (Ava), Sagaing and Shwebo. Of all these, Amarapura had been the royal city twice King Badon (Bodawpaya) and King Tharyarwaddy. King Badon (Bodawpaya) founded Amarapura in 1782. The name Amarapura is a Sanskrit word, meaning, Amara (Deathlessness) which entails Deathless City. Being 7 miles (11 km) south of Mandalay, it is commonly called Taungmyo or Southern City.

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